How do I get my product(s) listed on the major e-commerce sites?

S&S USA can place your product listings on Walmart.com, Homedepot.com, Amazon.com and more.

How do I process the orders?

S&S USA processes each order from all e-commerce sites that your product is listed on.

How do I fulfill the orders?

S&S USA picks, packs, labels and ships the product directly to the customer.

Do I need a warehouse & shipping facility?

No, S&S USA has warehousing and fulfillment facilities.

How do I collect my income from sales?

S&S USA is paid by the e-commerce sites, we pay you your price monthly on completed sales.

Do I have to buy any boxes or shipping & packaging supplies?

No. S&S USA pays for all of that.

Who takes care of customer service?

S&S USA handles all customer service tasks such as cancellations, returns, etc.

Will I have to buy general liability insurance for each site?

No, S&S USA carries a general liability policy for each e-commerce site.

What if I don’t have retail packaging for my product(s)?

S&S USA employs professional designers with decades of experience in retail packaging design.

How do I get a UPC and Barcode?

We can guide you through the GS-1 process quickly and easily.

As far as online selling and order fulfillment of product(s), is there anything S&S USA can’t do?