Recent Retail Sales statistics report that online retail sales are growing at an annual rate of approx. 23%. In-store sales are growing at a rate of 4.9% Where would you rather be?

Sell & Ship USA will place your product listings online at the following e-commerce websites with more coming:

  • - 183,000,000 Monthly Visitors (#1 e-commerce site)
  • - 87,000,000 Monthly Visitors (#2 e-commerce site)
  • - 32,000,000 Monthly Visitors ( is ranked #1 for Shopping/Home and Garden)


Sell & Ship USA will place your product(s) online quickly and inexpensively on the top e-commerce sites. More importantly, we have the experience and know how to do it properly the first time. For the inexperienced, it could easily take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and you may end up with listings that simply don’t attract buyers.

Also, at the big box stores, you need a category buyer who is willing to buy the products, issue the sku allotment and allow the listings to be placed. Then, you will need IDM (Inter-Data Management) for each listing and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for billing, invoicing, and inventory controls. And finally, you’ll need to fulfill the products to the customers. This will take EDI integration with the e-commerce sites (each one is different) warehousing of the products, pick and pack services, packaging to each e-commerce site’s specifications and the ability to do same or next day shipping directly to the customer, which will require the integration of UPS, FED EX and USPS with the EDI for each store. (Again, each one is different)

We have spent those hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars gaining the experience and know how to get your products online and generating revenues in days, not weeks or months. We will accomplish all the tasks mentioned above to have your products listed online and selling, at a small fraction of the normal cost and usually within 15 to 30 days.